All vacations sold are subject to the following conditions, which comply with the Tour Operators Code of Conduct drawn up by The Association of British Travel Agents and approved by the Office of Fair Trading.

1. Booking
If the vacation is arranged directly with the Company all correspondence will be sent to the customer at the address specified. If the arrangements are made through a travel agent all communications from The Company will be sent to the Agent, who as regards communication from the Company to the Customer, is the agent of the customer. All monies paid to the Travel Agent are held at the agent of the customer until the booking is accepted and thereafter as the agent of the Company.

2. Payment/Deposit
1. Deposit due on confirmation.
Note: Deposits are non refundable.
2. Balance due as per the terms of the payment plan on your accepted itinerary or 8 weeks prior to arrival (which ever is earlier).
3. Any Credit Card Payment will carry a 3% surcharge.


A deposit must be paid on completion of booking, or the full amount, if the booking is made within 8 weeks of departure. The booking is not accepted until the date shown on the confirmation invoice as issued by the Company. If the booking is not accepted the deposit will be returned. Alteration or cancellation by a customer of an accepted booking will be subject to the provisions or sections 4 and 5 of these conditions.


3. Invoice
Golf Ireland will send confirmation when appropriate deposits have been paid. If the booking is within eight weeks of departure full payment is due.
All outstanding amounts must be paid eight weeks before departure. The precise date will be shown on the invoice.


4. Changes & Cancellation by The Client
The effective date of change or cancellation is the date that the Company is advised. If you decide to alter any details after your booking has been accepted by the Company, providing we are informed not later than 6 weeks prior to departure, these will be treated as a change and  £20 administration fee per booking will be charged. However, any changes to a passengers name originally shown in the booking or any alteration requested within 6 weeks of departure may be treated as a cancellation.


5. Cancellation by The Client
If the customer does not pay the balance of the holiday price at the prescribed time, the Company reserves the right, after due notice to the customer or the agents as appropriate , to cancel the booking . In this event, or the customer/client cancels after the booking is accepted, the deposit will be forfeited.
Additionally, if the cancellation occurs for other reasons, the following cancellation charges will be payable by the customer/client. 
More than 60 days - Deposit Only 
60 days or less - 100%


6. Our Price Guarantee 
We reserve the right to increase or decrease our prices at any time. If you accept the price of your holiday as quoted at the time of booking and pay the full amount on receipt of our confirmation invoice, your holiday price will be totally guaranteed against further price rises. If you do not want to take advantage of this scheme you may pay the deposit and your final confirmation invoice may reflect any necessary price increase or decrease as a result of currency or fuel price flucuations. The tour is priced at the exchange rate shown on your proposal. Due to the volatile nature of the exchange rate, any fluctuation exceeding +/-1% of this rate on the date of payments using the rates shown on will result in a corresponding adjustment in price (up or down), which will be applied to the final payment.


7. Changes/Cancellation by The Company
Whenever possible all changes will be advised to you and your local agents without delay. Should these changes be minor, you will be offered a comparable alternative. If the alteration is major, you will have the option of accepting the alternative arrangements or receiving a full refund. If a major change occurs within 42 days of departure you will be entitled to compensation payment per person on the following scale
44 - 29 days  20%
28 - l5 days  30%
14 - 0 days  40%
If you decide to cancel, as a result of a major change, you will be refunded all monies paid and receive the above compensation. A major change to your holiday before departure is deemed to involve changes to your UK departure airport, resort, hotel accommodation or change of flight timings by more than 12 hours.


8. The company’s Liability
The Company will provide your travel arrangements in accordance with the contract and accepted responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the Company’s employees. We also accept liability for the actions or omissions of our agents or sub-contractors acting in the course of their employment. The Company will, of course, give all reasonable help in resolving any dispute with independent parties. Should the circumstances arise where you or any member of your party should suffer personal injury, illness, or death whilst away and having arisen from a situation unconnected with the arrangements made by the Company, we will at our discretion offer advice, guidance and assistance.


9. Force Majeure
The Company accepts no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of loss or damage or changes caused by force majeure events such as strikes, riots, political unrest, war hostilities, or threat of war, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, fire, flood, weather problems or similar events beyond its control.


10. Brochure Description
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of descriptions and information. However, we are not always able to control all components of the holiday arrangements and it is possible that an advertised facility may be withdrawn or changed. due to weather conditions, lack of demand or for maintenance, renovations etc. We will advise you if we become aware of a major change.


11. If You Have a Complaint
Should you have any complaint you are urged to discuss it at the time with the airline, hotel, course or car rental company. If your complaint is not resolved please notify Golf Ireland as soon as possible, giving your reference number, we will then do our utmost to resolve the problem. If this proves unsatisfactory, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators have devised a simple inexpensive method of arbitration on documents along with restricted liability for costs. This does not apply to claims over  £1500 per person or  £7,500 per booking or those which are solely or mainly for physical injury or illness.